BIONICLE: Return of the Great Beings, is a non-existnt movie by Collector1.

Prologue Edit

In the time before time, there were the Great Beings. They Created many things and put them in planets. There was Slizer, whose people used disks for sport. Then there was the Cyberspace Solar System, who were an advanced species. Then there was Earth, who were more organic then the rest. And last was where we came from, Spherus Magna. Everything was peacefuily in order, then it all went wrong. Slizer went to war and its climax was a meteorite comeing down apon them. The Cyberspace Solar System had to have wheel-shaped armor due to the unleashed virus that spread across their world. Earth learned warfare. And are world was shattered. But, we all made it through the consequences of are actions.

Characters Edit


  • The Toa Mata
  • The Glatorian Team of Gresh, Ackar, and Kiina
  • The Toa Mahri
  • Mata Nui
  • Angonce
  • Botar's Replacement
  • "Spark"
  • Millennium
  • The Allies of Earth


Minor Characters

  • Vakama

Guns used by HumansEdit

The Allies Edit

Assult Rifles

  • L85A2
  • M16A2


  • Mk 18 CBR
  • M4


  • M249 SAW