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Bionicle + Team Fortress 2 is a Bionicle/Team Fortress 2 crossover series aired on Youtube. It was developed and created by Pokermask and was based on various Gmod videos on Youtube. After Pokermask announced his retirement from stop-motions, the series was put on a hiatus. Who's going to take over the series after Pokermask is currently unknown.

Episodes Edit

Characters Edit

Pokermask (2009-2014) Edit

Main characters Edit

  • Vezon - Scout (8 episodes)
  • Ceasame - Soldier (4 episodes)
  • Cemitrax - Pyro (1 episode)
  • Mata Knight - Demoman (3 episodes)
  • Fentra - Heavy (8 episodes)
  • Raity - Engineer (3 episodes)
  • Joma - Medic (3 episodes)
  • Gronodon - Sniper (3 episodes)
  • Eritko - Spy (6 episodes)

Recurring characters Edit

  • Sanya - Scout's Mother (4 episodes)
  • Gooki - Femscout (4 episodes)
  • Lameogear - Scout (3 episodes)
  • Skirmix - Heavy (2 episodes)
  • Cow (3 episodes)

TBA (2014-present) Edit

Reception Edit

The series has gained positive reactions from viewers, most notably Fentra is Dad and Fentra is Dad 2, with many praising the humor put in the videos. There have also been some mixed to negative reactions to episodes like A Slightly Odd Christmas Story, which was deemed as going way over the top.

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