When the mask of life used its power to restore bara magna to what it once was , the power revived a particular zesk that was not only revived , but strengthened far beyond the power of its original body. Its tail lengthened and strengthened , its legs grew into five jointed legs capable of incredible leaps, the arms ended in two-fingered hands , and its mind was revived from its bestial state.

The newly formed being then examined its new body. Now this is very unusual , it thought to itself , one second I was a zesk and the next I'm whatever it is I am, and now bara magna is covered in plant life. Perhaps I should try out this new body. After a couple hours of 25-foot leaps ,he found a medium sizes black blade that seemed to have shadows clinging to it. A suitable tool this should come in useful if I can make it into the arena matches , as soon as I pummel the skrall to the ground.

He then tested his enhanced vision and located a very large building that had agori and similar creatures that were working in and around it. Strange , the other villages must have united along with whoever is with them. he then set up a small camp for himself using the new weapon and his stinger to sliceoff some foliage and construct a fire. Next morning he noticed that the beings were scurrying and panicking , then out of the corner of his eye he saw a very blue and gold entity that could tower over a glatorian. This being was makuta that had taken on brutaka's form.

SEE PART TWO; Bionicle hero factory part two

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