CT1000's BIONICLE Comics
Headquarters/Base Custom BIONICLE Wiki, BIONICLE Crossover Wiki, Custom Hero Factory Wiki
Leader Clone Trooper 1000
Jareroden97 (vice-leader)
Goal To make comics by CT1000
Status Active
Allies BIONICLE Origins Club, Alpha War Club, Born of Betrayal Club
Enemies Writer's Block

CT1000's BIONICLE Comics is an organization devoted to keep BIONICLE alive by making quality comics which, when completed, are uploaded onto their respective wikis.


BIONICLE Origins ClubEdit


BIONICLE OriginsEdit
  • BIONICLE Origins: Nektann
  • BIONICLE Origins: Makuta
  • BIONICLE Origins: Karzahni
  • BIONICLE Origins: The Shadowed One
  • BIONICLE Origins: Tuma
  • BIONICLE Origins: Tren Krom
  • BIONICLE Origins: Malum

Alpha War ClubEdit


Born of Betrayal ClubEdit


  • Hero Factory: Born of Betrayal

Special Releases Edit

The Ultimate Duology 2010Edit

  • BIONICLE Origins: Nektann
  • BIONICLE Alpha War
  • Hero Factory: Born of Betrayal (2011 Bonus)

The Ultimate Trilogy 2011Edit

  • BIONICLE Origins: Makuta
  • BIONICLE vs. Transformers
  • BIONICLE vs. Transformers Requiem
  • Bonus Hero Factory Comic (2012)

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