Headquarters/Base Chunk Bara
Leader Cobra Commander
Goal Rule the Earth
Status Active
Allies N/A
Enemies Magneto, G.I. Joe

Cobra (aka Team Bara), formerly M.A.R.S. Industries is a terrorist organisation bent on controlling the world through Nanomites. Cobra plans to inject Toa with the Nanomite solution to gain power in the Alpha War.



Cobra began as M.A.R.S, a weapons manufacturer under the ownership of James McCullen. After some time, M.A.R.S. developed Nanomites to isolate cancerous cells, but later, these would be weaponized to eat away at anything. A mysterious scientist called "The Doctor" began developing nanomites to control humans.

McCullen sent out a team of soldiers to transport Nanomite warheads, but secretly planned to take down the team and have the warheads weaponized by Baron Daniel DiCobray. DiCobray's wife Anastasia completed this mission and destroyed the Eiffel Tower with the Nanomites.

Rise of CobraEdit

When G.I. Joe discovered M.A.R.S.' base, McCullen was seriously injured by Duke, so The Doctor injected him with Nanomites to repair his face by turning it into metal. The Doctor could now control McCullen. He renamed M.A.R.S. "Cobra" and became Cobra Commander. Soon after, the duo were imprisoned by G.I. Joe.

Alpha WarEdit

Cobra plans to inject BIONICLE, Transformers, and Mutants with Nanomites to control them. The only thing standing in their way is Magneto.

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