Destral Nui
Destral Nui
Position N/A
Size N/A
Population N/A
Status In existence
Pron N/A

Destral Nui is an island made up of several Novars, meaning "nations". It was the setting of the Destral Nui War.


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The island possesses various climates, which have shaped the regions into several distinct areas. They were divided up by the Matoran into Novars, or nations:

  • Av-Novar
  • Ba-Novar
  • De-Novar
  • Fe-Novar
  • Ga-Novar
  • Jungle-Novar
  • Kini-Novar
  • Ko-Novar
  • Le-Novar
  • Life-Novar
  • Lightning-Novar
  • Magnetism-Novar
  • Onu-Novar
  • Plasma-Novar
  • Po-Novar
  • Rock-Novar
  • Sand-Novar
  • Shadow-Novar
  • Ta-Novar
  • Time-Novar


The capital of Le-Novar is known simply as the "Main City", which is surrounded by a number of forests.

The 200,000 year-old Traghorn Forest ("beautiful forest") lies along the west coast and is known for its semi-humid climate. Conflicts have recently risen over whether the forest should have trails, as Turaga Onewa, the island's leader, campaigns against it. Several protesters once tried to burn Traghorn Forest, but they were executed.

Lewa Forest was named after Toa Lewa, who created it. Having noticed that the city located there had collapsed, he planted thousands of trees to restore the area's beauty.

Faln Forest is the oldest forest in Le-Novar, dating to 500 million years ago. It is mostly made up of Ikoro trees, "Ikoro" being the Matoran word for "strong wood."


Ta-Novar is an industrial area, filled with forges, some of which are truly volcanoes. The forges produce over 200,000 Kanohi daily. The area is also home to the capital city of Destral Nui.

The sole water source in the city is Lake Tahu. The River Tahu leads into Po-Novar, and connects into Lake Pohatu. It runs through Onewa's Canyon.


Po-Novar is a desert region, and contains three separate deserts: the Mata Nui, Makuta, and Fajor deserts. Most of the Matoran there are carvers, and most of the inhabitants reside in the capital in the Makuta Desert. Near the capital lies the Alg (All Land Great) Fort, build to house travelers passing through the land.


Ko-Novar is colder than the other novars, and is known for its Dalcorn mountain range, which defines the border between this novar and the others. It is home of the highest mountain in Destral Nui, reaching 50 kio high.


Ga-Novar is the novar of Water. It produces over five million barrels of water daily.


Onu-Novar lies mostly underground in a massive tunnel system, created by Onua. There are few visible landmarks above ground, and the land above is called "the barren walk."

Trivia Edit

  • The name "Destral Nui" was based off the real island "Destral" and "Mata Nui", fusing the two names together.
  • The shape of the island was based off of Mata Nui.

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