Alphaechobara The Earth Shattering is an event strangely similar to The Shattering of Bara Magna which happened in 2010. Three chunks resulted: Alpha, Echo, and Bara.


The cause of this cataclysmic event was a buildup of energy caused by a battle between The Fallen, Magneto, and Palpatine. All three powers could not defeat each other, since The Fallen could manipulate all matter (Magneto & Palpatine), Magneto could manipulate metal (The Fallen & Palpatine's lightsaber), and Palpatine could manipulate all matter (The Fallen & Magneto) via The Force. The result was an explosion that tore the earth in three.


Chunk AlphaEdit


  • Atlantic Ocean
  • Half of Africa
  • Bit of Brazil
  • Third of Europe
  • East Coast US and Canada
  • Half of West Indies
  • Bit of Antarctica


Chunk EchoEdit


  • Pacific Ocean
  • Most of North and South America
  • Half of Antarctica
  • Most of Arctic
  • Half of West Indies
  • Northern Eurasia


Chunk BaraEdit


  • Indian Ocean
  • Half of Africa
  • Most of Asia
  • Oceania
  • Australia
  • Half of Antarctica
  • Fifth of Arctic


  • Cobra
  • Order of Mata Nui
  • Brotherhood of Makuta

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