Bionicle Universum 83

Eris in Glatorian armor

Eris Eclipse Nui is fan character created by Kora Magna.

Eris comes from the revived Spherus Magna. She was created 25 years ago by an evil female Toa, Eclipse. She is being called Elemental. Can control ice and lightning (to a limited extent). She is genetically related to a revived Mata Nui (thanks to a more elaborate test set that she is like his daughter). Her body is blue with silver elements.

Tools and armourEdit

Eris uses two sabers (Sabers of Frost), hunting knife, gun and, sometimes, Thornax launcher. Once she had a Gauntlet of Mists, the relict of Darkness (on the picture), but it tried to possess her, so she gave up on that.

Her armor is similar to traditional Glatorian armor, but it's harder. Her helmet has a battle mask like Mata Nui's or Gresh's helmet.

Skills and PowersEdit

Eris can control Ice and Lightning, but to a limited extent (she never managed to send lightning more than two meters, or freeze something bigger than Toa). She has good hearing and sense of smell, and can clearly see in the dark (despite ailing left eye). Can see ghosts, but this ability is not very practical.  She is a good acrobat and hunter. She also recognizes the herbs and medicine, but only for personal use.


  • The intention of the author is that Eris is in love with Sir Galleth Cooper.
  • Just few people know who is the real mother of Eris. Many believe that Kiina is her mother.

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