Finally, Makuta Teridax has arrived. He began preparing for a big war. His idea was to win this war, and dominate over Star Wars.

Preparations Edit

Makuta warned Star Wars this time. Here are his exact words; "You have been warned. Escape and die. Stay and you have at least a chance..." Makuta sent out for several young warriors. The Water Girls went off and scemed. They wanted to have a back attack.

The War Edit

On October 1st, the war was launched. Star Wars marched towards the war grounds, and decided that they would not give up. The BIONICLE Army hissed at them as they entered. The war was very long, and was about 6 hours of combat. Finaly, Star Wars won. They had dominated BIONICLE.
File:Star Wars Battle.jpg

Future Edit

BIONICLEs now understand that they are outnumbered, and surrendered after Ian the Clone wounded Teridax. BIONICLE will be joining their Halloween Celebration on October 31st!

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