The MET is the first of several armies in Destral Nui. MET stands for Makuta's Elite Team.

The War Edit

Pre-War Edit

There had been an argument between the Star Wars residents and BIONICLE residents. They both lived in a city named Star Wars City. The BIONICLE residents started the argument by saying they wanted part in the name, since they made up a good portion of the population. The war didn't start yet. About three days after the argument, the MET was formed. There enemies were the SWA, or Star Wars Army. Makuta Teridax was in Shadow-Novar, Destral Nui at the time, so he didn't make it to the MET. Several transmissions were sent back and forth. About a week after the argument, the BIONICLE residents turned their base invisable with a special chemical. They later recieved a transmission with the orders to strike, even though only nine soldiers would fight.

The War Edit

For the BIONICLE residents, it would be an easy battle. The SWA needed to hire Jedi and other warriors just to keep the troops alive. Nuparu Inika ambushed the famous Ian Makienswot. Nuparu was able to split open Ian's back. The battle went on. The BIONICLE residents then lost. The SWA didn't know about Ian's ambush yet, but they found him unconscious on the ground. When he was rushed to the medical center, they realized he has a split back, three broken ribs, and several minor bruises on his chest from impact.

Post-War Edit

The BIONICLE residents decided to leave the city and go to where they belonged: Destral Nui.

The members went on to do other things. Here is what each of them did:

  • Takadox became a brilliant person by going to the Le-Novar personall tutoring.
  • Defilak became a mask maker in Le-Novar.
  • Nuparu went on to become a war hero, and was nicknamed "Warrior of the Year".
  • Jaller retired from being in war, and went on to studing important pieces of Destral Nui.
  • Hahli went on to Manners School and graduated successfully.
  • Matoro went on to Manners School and graduated successfully.
  • Reidak started attacking Defilak whenever he could
  • Vezok started a school called "How to Hurt a Matoran"
  • Hakann didn't do anything
  • Zaktan didn't do anything

The Aftermath Edit

The BIONICLE residents didn't want to stop fighting yet. One day, the four Piraka stormed the capitol of Star Wars City. The troops grew tired, and Makuta Teridax sent a transmission to call it off.

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