Mike Loco is a member of the Hero Factory and was the first of his kind. He is also the one who helped train Preston Stormer. His name comes from the parts used to create him. They used an old steam engine along with various peices of modern technology.


Mike was built out of both old and new technology and thus gave him a Transformer-like appearance. He was was also one of the many heros that helped train Preston Stormer. He was also determined to hunt down an enemy known as Von Nebula. He was strong, but his opponent was stronger. He retreated to his hero capsle and tried to send a distress signal, but was sucked into one of his blackholes. Afterwards, he landed on Aqua-Magna. He was then discovered by a Onu-matoran named Whenua and was placed in the Archives. Centuries later, he was discovered by Toa Onua and was released from his hero capsle and taken to a medical facilaty in Ga-Metru.

Powers and ToolsEdit

Mike Loco carries a large shot-gun made from parts of the steam engine that helped construced him. He had never lost a battle until he was pitted against Von Nebula.


Mike Loco is bold and daring. Beleiving that the law is all there is to understand the world and that crime can be stoped if you put your mind to it


BIONICLE vs Hero Factory(First appearance)