Sonic bionicle
Sonic the Hedgehog: Return of Shadow is action/adventure crossover with BIONICLE and the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise from Sega. It is set in the prime Sonic universe and uses characters, some items, and settings from the negatively review game of the latter name released in 2006 but is unrelated to it. It is set several thousand years after the end of the entire BIONICLE storyline. The tagline "The BIONCLE universe returns" was written in the matoran langauge.    


Sometime after the death of Teridax, the Matoran, Toa, Agori, and Glatorians prepare to go underground under the suggestion of the turaga as the planet Spherus Magna is beginning to change its landmass and a organic species they dub "humans", and organic rahi begin to appear. They go under ground knowing that the great spirit Mata Uni would not watch over the Bionicle race, but also the human race.

Thousands of years later in the city of Solenna during preperation of the festval of the sun, Sonic and company are on a tour of the palace when one of the group members unknowingly opens a passage to a large underground cave where the Bionicle race entered thousands of years earlier. However Teridax, somehow surviving his demise, reawakens and soon, the heroes of both worlds work together before the lord of shadows can regain the power he spread into the very artifacts he placed into, the Chaos Emeralds and the power Princess Elise stores.  

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