Utopia is actually a crossover of many different franchises, specifically Bionicle, Mega Man, and Yu-Gi-Oh!


it takes place in an alternate Metru Nui, however there are both humans and robots among the Matoran population.

Humans and Matoran alike take place in a mix of Net Battles (from Mega Man() and Duels (from Yu-Gi-Oh)


In the time before time, the great city of Metru Nui stood proudly. However, not as it had before, for this was another time, and indeed, another Metru Nui. Not only were there Matoran, but the humans lived alongside them as well. The humans came from another world, it was said, and they brought gifts to the Matoran. They brought the technology of robots and Net Navis, as well as the game of Duel Monsters, to the culture of the Matoran. Eventually, the humans began to settle in Metru Nui, becoming part of the Matoran culture.

However, there was indeed trouble in paradise

This is the story of six heroes who were the most unlikely, yet a breed apart, who fought the darkness, and rid the society of all chaos and crime


The characters of this story are not decided as of yet. The author would like to ask for suggestions as to which characters to use, either official or fan-made, as the six "Toa"-- however, the author has decided that Jaden Yuki, from Yu-Gi-Oh GX, will be a Toa of Fire. To put in a character, list his or her name and bio in this space for characters

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